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Wall Cladding for New Construction

Exterior cladding from Mitten Vinyl Australia is ideal for new construction of homes, second storey additions and extensions . Insulated vinyl cladding is strong and lightweight, easy to maintain and never needs painting . The woodgrain finish and low sheen give the appearance of freshly painted timber weatherboards, and vinyl cladding blends well with brick, render and stone finishes. This easy care material is the perfect solution for finishing of high and inaccessible areas, as the colour is solid through the board and will not deteriorate like painted finishes. On new framework, to meet the requirements of Australian Standards , Type B vinyl cladding materials must be installed over an underlay .

For new construction, an underlay of 4.5mm plywood sheeting or 4.5mm fibre cement sheeting should be applied to framework before installation of foam backed vinyl cladding. This ensures a rigid, smooth surface and support for the cladding, minimises flexibility between the studs and increases the insulation properties of the installation. Read more about Insulation and R Value . Levelwall foam wrap is another underlay option which is lightweight and pre-coated with waterproof sarking. Read more about Underlay.

Recommended installation over new framework :

  • Plywood or FC sheet fixed to framework with studs at 450 centres.
  • Silverwrap sarking foil. Read more about Silverwrap.
  • Mitten insulated vinyl cladding with 15mm, 20mm or 30mm foam backing.

Installers and builders should read our wall cladding Installation Tips and we recommend that you obtain a full set of comprehensive Installation Instructions. Warranties on vinyl cladding materials can be voided by incorrect installation methods. Email us to request a copy of the Installation Instructions or phone 02 9792 3897 to talk to an installation expert.