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Paint Matching Vinyl Cladding Colours

Matching paint to Mitten Vinyl Cladding colours is easy with our chart of matching Dulux paint formulas . Mitten Vinyl Australia has combined with Dulux to create a range of paint colours which will match with every colour in the range of Mitten wall cladding products.

Vinyl exterior cladding never needs painting as its colour goes right through the board and will retain its appearance over the lifetime of the cladding. However, other exterior areas of a home need to be painted, and with Dulux technology you can find an exact match for each vinyl cladding colour. To complete the finished look of a home improvement project, painting may be required on gutters, fascia, downpipes and vents, doors, window frames, architraves, meter boxes, railings, fences and gates. Now it is possible to match these features to the colour of the vinyl cladding, creating a professional and unified look to the whole project.

Mitten Vinyl Cambridge wall cladding comes in a range of 11 standard colours , complemented by 3 Premium deep , rich colours in the Sentry actR range. For 'difficult to maintain areas such as gables, second storey additions and infills, Mitten Vinyl Cladding is the perfect solution as it never needs painting and will retain its appearance for a lifetime. With Dulux matching paint colours for the rest of the project, the look is complete.

Please note: Painting of vinyl cladding materials is not recommended. For further information see Frequently Asked Questions.

Simply Email us to request a copy of the paint matching chart for Mitten Vinyl Australia products, or phone 02 9792 3897 and we will be pleased to provide any further information you require.