Certifications & Specifications

Wall Cladding Certifications &

Certifications & Specifications

Mitten Vinyl Australia cladding conforms and surpasses certification standards in many countries.

AS/NZ S4256
Type B

Conforms to CAN/CGSB-41.24.95
CCMC Acceptance No. 06419L

Conforms to ASTM 3679-94
Conforms to UBC Standard
14-2 NER 528 ER-5660

New Zealand
Mitten Cambridge and Cedarline Vinyl Claddings carry the BRANZ Appraisal No. 814 (2013)

 Product Physicals
Test Standard Method Units of Measure Result
IZOD impact (0°C/32°F) ASTM D-256 ft-lb/in 3.53
IZOD impact (23°C/73°F) ASTM D-256 ft-lb/in 33.9
Tensile strength ASTM D-638 Psi 8200
Modulus of elasticity ASTM D-638 Psi 370000
Deflection temperature under load @264Psi ASTM D-648 °F 163
Coefficient of linear expansion ASTM D-696 x10-5 in/in/°F 4.3
Chemical resistance ASTM D-543 excellent
Cell classification ASTM D-1784 class # 13544-B
Compound Class ASTM D-3679-89 class # 2
Fire Related Properties
Flame spread index
fuel contribution
ASTM E84, UBC 42-1 18
self ignition temperature, °F ASTM D-1929, UBC 52-3 810
smoke density rating (%)
maximum smoke density (%)
visibility of exit sign
ASTM D-2843, UBC 52-2 42.1
total burn time, seconds
extent of burning, mm
ASTM D-635 <5
Siding/Extrudate Typical Physical Properties
Test Standard Method Units of Measure Result
Impact resistance (73°F/23°C) ASTM D-4226 in-lb/mil 2.57
mpact resistance (32°F/0°C) ASTM D-4226 in-lb/mil 1.71
Low temperature flexability CGSB41-GP-24Ma % pass >80
Shrinkage / reversion ASTM D-1042 % <3.0
Surface Distortion CGSB41-GP-24Ma
ASTM D-3679-89
°F >131
Minimum thickness CGSB41-GP-24Ma mm 1.0
Average thickness inch 0.043
Normal thickness range inch .039 – .049