Our Cladding Products

Mitten Vinyl offer a range of cladding products suitable for your next project.

Vinyl Cladding

Vinyl cladding adds peace of mind and a virtually maintenance free exterior, while foam backing gives added strength and insulation.


Aluminium Cladding

Aluminium cladding was widely used on homes from the 1950s onwards. It was the first type of weatherboard-style cladding to offer homeowners a pre-finished, lightweight timber-look product which needed little maintenance and was easy to install. Many homes still have aluminium cladding and owners may require additional product for repairs, renovations, additions or patching.

Vertical Cladding

Mitten Vinyl Cladding in vertical profile is used for walls, gables and under eaves (soffit). Because it never needs painting, Mitten Vinyl vertical cladding is particularly suited for ‘hard to maintain’ areas, such as high roof gables, second storey additions and infills. Vertical cladding is also used for ceiling linings under porches and verandahs. Read more about Eaves.

Traditional Cladding

Traditional Weatherboard Cladding

Brick Cladding

New Durabric lightweight imitation brick panels are manufactured in Melbourne, Victoria, from a mixture of natural aggregates – sand, crushed brick, oxides for colouring- and bonded together with a co-polymer adhesive. The bricks are stenciled onto fibre cement sheets which are then fired to bond and harden the panels. Durabric is a wall cladding system that has many uses and benefits.

Board & Batten

For a striking contemporary look, Mitten Vinyl Australia presents Board and Batten, a vertical cladding profile with a classic finish. Suitable for new construction or renovations, the vertical profile of Board and Batten blends well with brickwork, stone or timber construction . This vinyl cladding product has tough, thick panel walls and superior impact resistance. The architectural detail of Board and Batten will add a dramatic look and an interesting contrast to any home – a durable, long lasting finish requiring minimal maintenance.


Composite Decking by Mitten is an easy care alternative to wood, creating a worry-free outdoor finish which reduces maintenance and is kind to the environment. With a natural woodgrain appearance and concealed fixing, Composite Decking creates a professional finish and alleviates the problems associated with traditional timber decks.


An innovating chair that perfectly meets office and work requirements with great seating comfort especially designed for conferences, meetings, executive and front office desks. The ‘Soft’ features upholstered leather facings padded with intervals which are combined to display a clean, refined appearance and a luxurious touch. It features an upholstery that is stretched tautly between its steel frame to create a firm and flexible sitting pocket that subtly conforms to the individual’s body shape.

Eaves & Gables

Mitten Vinyl D5 Eave board (soffit) is ideal for eave linings under roofs and ceiling linings under porches and verandahs. The use of vinyl eave boards on these ‘hard to maintain’ areas will complete your home with a system that is economical, will not rot and never needs painting. Contact Us for further information.


Exterior Wall Vents – Durability Plus


Screws & Nails, Hand Tools, Sarking / Levelwall.


Australian Standard AS 4256.4 -2006 states the following: Type B cladding shall only be used when fully and continuously supported over structural framing or over existing walling. Classification: Type B cladding is defined as having a transverse bending stiffness less than 1.0 Nm2, in accordance with AS/NZS 4257.9.