Trims & Accessories

Cladding Trims and Accessories


Trims to suite our range of vinyl cladding.

Eaves & Gables

Mitten Vinyl D5 Eave board (soffit) is ideal for eave linings under roofs and ceiling linings under porches and verandahs. The use of vinyl eave boards on these ‘hard to maintain’ areas will complete your home with a system that is economical, will not rot and never needs painting. Contact Us for further information.


Exterior Wall Vents – Durability Plus


Australian Standard AS 4256.4 -2006 states the following: Type B cladding shall only be used when fully and continuously supported over structural framing or over existing walling. Classification: Type B cladding is defined as having a transverse bending stiffness less than 1.0 Nm2, in accordance with AS/NZS 4257.9.


Screws & Nails, Hand Tools, Sarking / Levelwall.